Taking care of your Emotional Wellbeing

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Taking care of your Emotional Wellbeing

For a long time in my life I didn't know what emotional well-being was in the name of God. We are all wired to experience a range of emotions, and they are so shimmering and vibrant
that they make us feel alive. I'm trying to understand what to do with Our cultural conditioning that has taught us that our natural healing powers are threatened within us.
We have a very strange lens through which we view our emotions. For some reason, we don't see them as friends, but as brawlers. So when we are on the playground,
we are so frightened by their very existence that we have a hard time wiping them from our consciousness. Because we think of emotions as neighbourhood scourges,
emotional well-being is or what it feels like.we may not know what emotional well-being is or what it feels like.
Can a man who loses his furry little friend grieve as much as he likes? I really couldn't afford to be in pain for over a week. Later, his friends asked him to stop being a wimp and get back
on his feet.Oddly enough, society gives us a certain time frame to mourn the loss of someone or something. On the other hand, we forget one very obvious fact.
Experiencing emotions is highly subjective. Since childhood, we have been taught that being humble is a good thing. But does humility mean you can't speak out loud about your
accomplishments? Praising yourself or asserting your worth is usually called bragging. Because of this way of thinking, when we look in the mirror, we fear that someone will come
out boasting, so we quietly tell ourselves, “Lower your pride.” We give up feelings of anger, lust, and jealousy to avoid being labeled “evil.” We deny our feelings of love because we
may feel vulnerable. You deny trust because you are afraid of being hurt. This denial makes you feel protected and in control of your life. So are we emotionally healthy or emotionally

What can you do to keep your heart healthy?
(1) Take a moment to listen to your emotional needs.
Emotions are like signposts. Every emotion points to a need, just as every sign points to something. Taking a little time registering the signposts might save your trip down a dead- end road.
As a teenager, I was always angry when my sister accomplished something. The day she came home, I gritted my teeth and said she had been elected principal of the school.
I despised her when she was given so many opportunities. The day she gave her first successful dance performance, I felt a sharp pain in her stomach.
I tried very hard to suppress the anger and obvious jealousy I was feeling for her. But a lot of my energy stayed there until I kept interrupting it.
Obviously it didn't help. So I finally decided to have a little chat with myself. She told me how my sister made my parents proud when I heard a voice calling me.
How her eyes glistened with tears when she came home with the award and the laurels. What struck me like jealousy was the desire for more visibility, love and attention. It was a
child's cry.
"The reason we struggle with emotions is not the emotion itself, but our resistance to that particular emotion." – Teal Swann

(ii) Accept and understand your emotions:
As the socialisation process progresses, a superego takes shape and we end up, should or not, the product of right and wrong indoctrination. We learn to judge and evaluate our emotions.
We add a layer of judgement to most of our emotions! “I can't believe how stupid I was to trust him.'' “I'm a crying baby. Do you want to be around me!”
“I have to be happy for them. My lack of enthusiasm for my friends’ success is disgusting. make our job difficult. Isn't it better to stay calm and love yourself instead of being
disgusted with your reality? Keeping your feelings a secret, manipulating and manipulating your emotional reality is like hiding a wound. "People are just as amazing as sunsets when
they're left alone. You don't say 'soften the orange in the right corner a little bit' when you're looking at a sunset, but you're not trying to
control the sunset." – Watching it unfold in awe,Carl Rogers.

(iii) Recognize the effects of emotions and act on them:

When you fully experience an emotion: Full acknowledgment and acceptance of what it is is a beautiful phenomenon. A sensory or cognitive experience involves a range of emotions.
emotional range. I often hear people say that emotions are the way to your soul. And I've come to believe it's true. Seeing sunflowers in a field, turning the pages of a book,
learning how to ride a bicycle, arguing with a friend, failing an exam, or experiencing the loss of the love of your life are all things without experience. I don't think you can.
A constant stream of emotions arises within. All these different emotions affect us.
They drive us to actions that otherwise seem incomprehensible, cause upheavals that may be unbearable, and sometimes take us into the deepest oceans while igniting our deepest
passions. So how do you manage your emotions in a way that protects you and helps you grow? Here is the answer: limit. Well-defined boundaries that are flexible enough to accommodate
positivity and protect us from negativity. Situations that seem out of control and repeatedly evoke feelings of resentment, pain, and contempt should be investigated.
It's a sign that you're building healthy boundaries that help you stand up for yourself. Rather than repressing or hiding emotions,
it is wiser and smarter to pursue them when necessary.
Work on it (by understanding it, expressing it, talking about it) or freeing yourself from situations that are causing constant chaos.

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